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I am not a techie IT girl. I have a cell phone made before last month (collective gasp). Actually I bought it about 10 years ago. I does nothing but make and receive calls (more gasping). The lid is broken and can’t be flipped to make a call but gingerly opened, nurturing that last hinge. It’s a pay as you go. And I can’t take a picture with it. The cell phone before that was called a car phone and was the size of a loaf of bread.

I still read books that have a cover and can be used as a lamp stand afterwards. I’ve seen those computer books from a distance, and I wonder what it’s like to finish and not put it up on the book shelf like a trophy.


My laptop is in worse health than my cell phone. To get it to work, you have to jimmy the cord until you get a connection then hold it there without moving or breathing until it feels a shift in the rotational orbit of the earth around the sun and then it dies right there. It must charge that way and then you have to unplug the cord and work on the dimly charged battery that lasts around 15 minutes.

I can’t afford a replacement and wouldn’t know how to buy a new one if I had the means. Technology moves too fast for me and laptops do things now that would require a PhD to master.

I write this from my desktop. A very old desktop.

It does things I know it to do. It also does things I don’t know it to do, which is more than I know, which is very little. So needless to say when I go on vacation these days, I am somewhat cut off from the world. No Blackberry, no lap top, nada, nothing, zilch.

I got back Tuesday evening and am still catching up.

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Does anyone have any real order to their bookshelves? I just noticed my particular order and it ain’t pretty. I do not have my books in alphabetical order. I don’t have them lumped together in author order. I don’t have a shortest to tallest method either. I have them grouped by color. Yes, color.

In my family room, the walls are blue and the theme is ocean. Therefore, all my blue and green-jacketed books are shelved there. In the warmer toned living room, the walls are a richer olive green—only my black, deep purple, reds, and burgundy’s are allowed in there.

My guest room is for the antiques. The engraved, ornate spines of the early 1900’s. My bedroom gets the oranges and yellows.

What does this say about me? And how are your books shelved?   

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