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Since October, my vision has been failing drastically. Or maybe it just seems drastic. One day I can read with no assistance and the next, I need glasses. But cheap drugstore glasses aren’t helping with the computer screen. With or without them, my eyes strain on the computer. I’ve tried fiddling with the brightness and contrast and all that jazz, and nothing has worked. Even typing this, I cannot look at the screen.

I had hopes for the new “special” glasses the optometrist said would complete my life. And no, they don’t work, either. So I guess I’ll just rely on my keen sense of hearing to finish my book. (note: I have an affliction called CHS aka Can’t Hear Shit. So, uh, maybe not.)

Though, I once read that if one of your senses is impaired, another one will be stronger to compensate. It’s true. Because now I hear voices.

Whatever I’m doing, I hear myself narrating in my head.

As I’m driving, I hear, “…she slams on her brakes at the black animal in the road. She’s going to save it. Tears pool in her eyes at the heap as she tentatively approaches. “It’s dead!” she screams, then sees it’s just a tire …”

When scrounging for something to eat, I hear, “…she opens the pantry to emptiness. The fridge is bare. Listless, she trudges to bed where she vows to waste away to nothing. If only she weren’t blind, she’d have seen the pantry full, the fridge stocked…”

When I complain to the universe through my blog, I hear, “…they shake their heads, dab their eyes. Poor, poor deaf, dumb and blind Tricia (especially dumb). Maybe I should offer to finish her book for her. Maybe I’ll find her an agent while I’m at it. Must do a query letter …”

You might not be thinking you thought that, but you did. I heard it. Hey, wait I heard that too. Take it back.

“…she watches Spongebob marathons until the 3rd person narrative voices fade away, and soon after, she does as well …”

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April Fool’s day is my book’s 4th birthday.

I is four

My book turning four is not a happy event, just so you know. It’s just one more reminder of unfinished business. That hasn’t stopped me in the past, querying, that is. I made a vow every year to be finished, like in ready to query finished, by April 1st. On birthday number two, I queried two agents. Birthday number three, I thought I was ready and queried three agents. You see a pattern here? But I won’t. I will not query four agents today just because I made a silly vow once. Wait. I won’t promise that. I don’t trust myself. Maybe I’ll send just one.

I have a beta reader I’m handing this to tomorrow, and I’m hanging back to see what edits or changes she suggests. I would kick myself later if I queried and sent a sample chapter that needed work. So no, I will not send out a query today. I won’t. I might.

On other news, I received Golden Visions magazine in the mail yesterday with my story Male Pattern Deadness published in it. It’s a serious piece; a psychological thriller, if you will. Also, forthcoming in Slow Trains, I wrote another serious piece—am I losing my sense of humor?

I don’t have a link to Male Pattern Deadness yet, as it’s only in their print edition, It may end up in my unlinkable page above. But the exciting thing is my story is right in the middle where the magazine staple goes. So the magazine wants to naturally open there. People picking up the magazine will be FORCED to see my story—muhahahaha.

To prove I still have my humor about me, I have a flash piece up at Fear of Writing called Mango Man. Fear of Writing has a list of prompts you can choose from should you want to write for them.

Last and most important is Linda Cassidy Lewis, my friend and member of my in-person writing group, has her debut book, Brevity of Roses, up for sale today. She is the first in my group to publish a book, so this is all very exciting, it’s also very sudden, and I haven’t had a chance to post reviews of it on Amazon or Goodreads yet, but will shortly. For now, just trust me that this is beautifully written work and I encourage you to read it. I command it.

Though none of the above is an April Fool’s joke—nor is the mention that I just forgot how to spell “above” and tried five different spellings before I gave up and asked the computer how to spell it—do any of you participate in this silly tradition? Did someone pull any tricks on you today? I’m alone right now. The day is still young. For me, it’s pending. When my eleven year old gets home, I’ll be in for it.

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For those of you unfamiliar with Miss Snarks First Victim, she is holding another secret agent contest on Monday. The genres she is accepting are Y/A MG  S/F and paranormal romance. If that’s you and you have a completed ms then check it out Sept. Secret Agent.

Also, an update on my July win of secret agent is a very nice rejection. She (the agent) received my partial (50 pages) and one month later she replied with the no-matter-how-nice-it-stings rejection.

For those who didn’t get a link to my entry, here it is. #22 Hiding in the Spotlight

P.S. Anybody out there have any links to character-driven query samples? I actually fantisized the secret agent would love my work and send me a contract (fed X, of course) and thus eliminate the torture of ever having to query. Not so. I sad.

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I am kick, kick, kicking myself. Ouch. I made a HUGE blunder on the three sentence pitch contest that I entered on Monday on QueryTracker. As always, I realized it at the worst possible time; like in the middle of the night.  I’ll post it here. Tell me what is wrong with this picture. I’ll tell you below, but if you find something besides the one I saw, tell me so I can agonize about that too.


Hiding in the Spotlight is a fish-out-of-water humor adult fiction novel about the misadventures of Oklahoma transplants to California during the 1960s and 70s.


Whether it’s the seediest areas of L.A. or exclusive hamlets for the rich and famous, it’s a comedy of horrors for youngest family member, Patty Austen, who, on top of being hearing impaired, must deal with her family’s humiliating backwoods antics.


The frequent moves compound even bigger challenges for Patty and her desire for belonging, but also bring her relief to leave behind the aftermath of yet another failed assimilation attempt by her family.



If you want to irritate an agent, this is how: use the words fiction and novel next to each other. They mean the same so why say both? Originally it said coming-of-age novel. Then at the last minute I replaced coming-of-age with adult fiction to be in compliance with her requirements. It is both, but since she didn’t have the coming-of-age on her list I changed it.

Please tell me if you see something else, since I had no critiques of it prior to sending.

You know what this means folks? I’ll be posting another rant about losing another contest. Just kidding. I won’t  rant. This time I’ll accept my defeat with my head down.

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